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Our Team / Commitee

Language Access Team

Advocates, translators, and interpreters are carefully selected to have the level of experience necessary for this work and good academic or experiential expertise with the problems facing the target communities.


Milly Golia

Chief Executive Director

Milly Golia is a Ph.D. candidate with a Master’s in Translation and a Certified Translator and Conference Interpreter. She is a Public Certified Public Translator (English<>Spanish) who graduated from the UNLP (Universidad Nacional de La Plata) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the University of California (UCI), she got two certificates in Global Operations Management and Applied Project Management. Her company, Bureaucom LLC, provides written and oral translation services in over 40 languages. She is also the creator of a curriculum called Take5steps©, a new business unit that trains students who want to become professional translators or interpreters. She has split her professional career between the United States and South America as a translator/interpreter, localization manager, consultant, lecturer, and trainer for the University of California, Irvine.

José Martin Reyes

Community Outreach Coordinator

Jose Reyes is a Professional Conference Interpreter. He is the Director of Operations at BUREAUCOM LLC and oversees the Interpreting Training Division at Take5steps. He has extensive experience interpreting for organizations in a variety of fields, such as healthcare, immigration, entertainment, education, and community organizing: Valor US (California Coalition Against Sexual Assault) National Sexual Assault Conference, Billboard International Mexican Regional Music Summit, International Olympic Committee, Copa América Centenario, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Scleroderma Foundation Conference, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles Pulmonology Department, Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles and Santa Anna, LAUSD, Lennox School District, Rialto Unified School District, El Monte Unified School District, Montebello Unified School District, Real Madrid Fútbol Club, among others

Carolina Bonetto

Communications and Strategy Coordinator

Carolina Bonetto is a Certified English-Spanish Translator with a degree from the National University of Córdoba, Argentina. She specializes in General and Special Education translation and has over five years of experience in the industry. She is a Board Member of Language Access and an instructor at Take5steps. She worked as an English teacher in different schools and institutions for six years, which has given her a passion for empowering students and families, and has helped her gain a first-hand understanding of the education dynamics and the necessary skills to address language issues, problems, and disabilities. She advocates for language access and language justice. She helps children and families with limited English proficiency by providing them with translated information and resources to thrive in the education context and communicate in the language they have full command.


Magalí Squaranti

Plain Language Division Coordinator

Magalí Squaranti holds a University Degree in Translation (UNR, Argentina), a University Professor Diploma (UCEL, Argentina), and a Specialization in Education & Information and Communications Technology (Ministry of Education, Argentina). She is completing the Professional Proofreader Program at Instituto Superior de Letras Eduardo Mallea, Argentina. She works as a Translator and Proofreader for agencies, NGOs, and end clients; moreover, she is a Translation Professor at IES Olga Cossettini in Rosario, Argentina.


Our Scholarship Review Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending policies and guidelines for administering, coordinating, and awarding scholarships. Our Committee members bring diverse expertise, ensuring a well-rounded evaluation process. We treat all applicants equally and maintain transparency by following clear selection criteria and guidelines.

Committee Members


Milly Golia


Carolina Bonetto


Magali Squaranti


Maria Mercedes


Natalia Abarca